About Lockstraps Inc.

 Our Name "Lockstraps"

Lockstraps came from combining two great products into one. Tie down straps are used every day to secure valuables in the back of a pickup truck or trailer. Locks are used to detour theft. Most people tie down their valuables because they have to, but most people do not lock their stuff because it takes too much work and time Lockstraps makes locking up your valuables quick and easy. We all know that if a thief wants your stuff bad enough, they are going to get it. Lockstraps detours more than 90% of theft.

There you have it Locks + Straps = Lockstraps Inc.

Our History

Lockstraps was born out of necessity. In 2009 Jeff Cranny, a major in criminal justice, was the unfortunate victim of an opportunistic thief. While stepping away from his truck for just a moment, he returned to find his motorcycle and his gear missing. Sadly his insurance company ended up not honoring his claim. As he looked into this, Jeff discovered that there is an epidemic of thefts that go unreported to insurance companies due to the high cost of deductibles, and the fear of rising premiums.

While contemplating his loss, Jeff decided to purchase a new lock for his new equipment. While walking through the store with new tie downs in one hand and a lock in the other, the idea for Lockstraps was born.

Returning the product to the shelf, Jeff went straight home and began to work on creating Lockstraps. Now four years later, Lockstraps has progressed through a few design changes, and is now rapidly becoming a household name. But do not get us wrong, Lockstraps are not just for your motorcycle or ATV. From boats to tools to bicycles to luggage to planes to wheelchairs to music equipment, our customers are dreaming up new uses for our products daily. At Lockstraps, we have a saying, “A thousand uses and counting!”

Now you can secure motorcycles, tools, equipment, bicycles, ice chests, bbq’s, aviation, marine, power-sports..…anything, you name it… in less than a minute.

Our Mission

To develop innovative quality products that fill an obvious void in the marketplace. We strive to provide the best possible products with the highest level of customer service in the industry. At Lockstraps our customers come first.

Our Values

Here at Lockstraps, family is number one. Our employees and sales reps are family, our dealers are partners, and together we are all a cohesive team aimed at creating success through profitable relationships. We like to say, “We do not make sales, we create relationships.” Each new dealer that joins our family benefits from our extensive product knowledge, and some of the most relationship oriented salesmen in the business. When you sell Lockstraps, you truly become part of our family.

Employees, business partners, stakeholders, sales reps, and athletes associated with Lockstraps are all part of a Lockstraps family.
They all benefit from the enthusiasm of working with Lockstraps and simultaneously they are the ones bringing new ideas, new clients, new employees, new innovations, and new energy into the company.

The Lockstraps Family

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