Don't just take our word for it. For years people with anything of value have been trusting Lockstraps to secure their possessions and thwart would-be thieves. Read these real-life stories about how Lockstraps have helped individuals and businesses keep their valuables safe.

The Lockstraps saved me $4,000.00 worth of tools and supplies...

I bought the straps for my truck because I am a professional painter, I keep a lot of tools in the back and I also keep ladders on my rack that I lock up every night with the lockstraps. I wished the cable inside the strap was thicker for more protection however, the other day, I went into Home Depot to pick up some supplies only to find when I came back to my truck that the straps were cut all the way to the cable by a knife or something sharp. The Lockstraps saved me $4,000.00 worth of tools and supplies. THANKS!

- Kurtis Cafaro


My wife and I rode our motorcycles 2700 miles...

From Northern CA to UT and back. We went to Moab UT and through many national parks staying at hotels along the way. We used the Lockstraps to secure the bikes and looped the straps around each other to join the bikes making it more difficult to move or put in a truck to steal. During the day we used the Lockstraps to secure our bags to the bikes so we didn’t worry while taking a short hike to see the sights or while at a lunch break. The Lockstraps really gave me peace of mind and worked perfectly everyday.

I just wanted to let you know I appreciate your product and proudly affixed a sticker on each side of my bike. I did get questions and was more than happy to show a few people how cool these straps are. I know if someone really wanted my stuff they would find a way to do it but these straps are a great deterrent.

Thanks again for a great product.

- John Blausey


Lockstraps are an awesome product...

I have never felt more secure going riding/racing and leaving my bike in my truck. Never again will I use another strap to tie my bike down or secure my stuff in my truck, especially when we are down in Mexico pre running and racing. Thanks!!

- Brett


I keep my Lockstraps in the back of my truck 24/7

I use them for everything. I know that if someone wants to steal my stuff, they’ll get it. Lockstraps just makes it easy for me to keep the honest people honest.

- Richie Owens


 I like the strap, first thing I thought was, it’s about time someone was smart enough to combine a quality tie down and lock system! Nice work.

- Pete Martini, Racer X Magazine


The new Lockstraps are sick…. I wish someone came out with them a long time ago.

- Ronnie Renner, RedBull Motocross


Best Tie-Down Idea of All Time!

We wish we had this idea. Ditch the cable lock and tie downs that are rusting up in your pile of motorcycle parts and pick yourself up a set of Lockstraps and never worry about your valuables again

- Ron Nichols, ktmtwins.com


Lockstraps give the SCS crew and riders piece of mind when traveling to and from events. The best part is having the 24 footers to Lockstrap ‘em up when the sun sets. Thanks Jeff, these things are great!

- Steve Miller, SCS Unlimited


Lock Straps foils criminals again...

As you can see they tried to just cut through the strap thinking it would be an easy grab. But having the Lock Strap looped through our trailer wheel and secured to the railing, prevented yet another attempt on getting something for nothing from Revolt Powersports Media. Thanks for such an amazing product, You will always find Revolt securing our toys with Lock Straps. (Note: We had a trailer tongue lock on as well but they didn’t even attempt to remove it after seeing they weren’t getting this off.)

Do we endorse Lock Straps and believe they work. You bet! Since we got a set, criminals 0 and Revolt… 2. The first at a gas station as they attempted to grab our project bike. This time our small trailer. Looped thru the wheel and secured to railing. Guess they thought they could cut thru with pocket knife.

Mark Elliot Williams


When I saw the strap, I knew me and all my friends needed some right away for our trucks. When I got the straps I was pumped….these things are AWESOME! I don’t know why it took so long for someone to come up with this idea. I will definitely tell every one I know about Lockstraps. I can’t wait till the ratchet Lockstraps come out!

- Roland Trudel, Rolling Big Power


When Mike Metzger showed me the strap, I thought to myself, This is the sh** ! I gotta have some for my bike and I need to get some to my homies for their junk. I called up and got some right away..now I don’t go anywhere with out my bike Lockstraped!

- Colin Morrision "Scummy", Metal Mulisha


Your locks saved my 4-wheeler...

I recently went on a trip with my 4 wheeling club and it was put to the test. Some of us locked our bikes up before we went to bed that night. When we awoke we were missing two bikes but mine was not one of them. When I went to unlock mine I noticed the lock had been tampered with as if someone was trying to bust it. The lock obviously held up well.

Job well done.

- Shayne Wilson, United Rentals